About Us

About Our Company

Masqati dairy was set up in the year 1965 by Ibrahim Bin Abdullah Masqati. We commenced with dealing in whole milk and toned milk. Since then we never looked back and marched ahead step by step. Today our wide range of dairy product includes Milk, Curd, Lassi, Flavoured milk, Cream, Ghee, Khowa, Butter, Ice Cream, Paneer, UHT Milk, Mithai etc.

 The company is processing over 1.5 lakh litres of milk every day. The annual turnover is approx 200 crores. We are having our chilling centers in Ongole, Guntur and Ranga Reddy District. Our factory is located at Turkayajmal, NagarjunaSagar Road. We have our registered office located at Kotla Alijah near Charminar.

Today, lakhs and lakhs of people in Hyderabad wake up to the Purity and freshness of Masqati Dairy milk. Masqati Dairy has become the most integral part of their lives, be it in terms of providing pure and wholesome milk or delicious products of milk like Curd, Lassi, Flavoured milk, Cream, Ghee, Khowa, Butter, Ice Cream, Paneer, Mithai etc.

We have maintained our pace to meet the ever increasing demand in the quality and quantity of the milk. We ensure the maintenance of purity and natural goodness of milk at each stage. Masqati dairy products are today available in every nuke and corner of Hyderabad, be it the stores nearest to you or your local Grocery store, the big supermarkets, Malls in the city and exclusive milk booths. No wonder why Masqati Dairy today enjoys major share of dairy products in Hyderabad.

Masqati dairy has never compromised on the quality of its products. We use highly skilled labor for extraction of milk products. We have Homogenizers and other machineries to serve the purpose, keeping the environment neat and clean. High quality containers are used to collect the milk. The milk is carried in our own Vehicles specially built for this purpose, carrying 15000 liters of milk. We are having over 50 delivery vans.

Masqati Ice Cream is the icing on the cake for ice cream lovers in Hyderabad circle. In the beginning we started franchising outlets of Masqati Ice Cream, to capture a significant market share, and today it has become the undisputed leader in the super premium Ice Cream segment

Unfazed by market growth, Masqati Ice Cream is pioneer in using improved techniques and strategies to handle the challenging competitors out in the market. Newer strategies such as "Temptations" have been introduced to bring new set of flavor and products to the customers.

To add more to it, World-class production techniques and machinery have been introduced for further strengthening the quality of the products and increasing the production. We are fully determined and dedicated towards improving further and eyeing to expand masqati dairy in the entire country.